Text Box: List of Services

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Text Box: For the enthusiast, the exotic and classic car owner…
Thinking of a new paint job?  Looking for the ultimate gloss and shine?
Paint Revival - We custom tailor our procedures to meet the unique needs of your specific vehicle, combining all our years of experience to ensure the best possible result.  No cookie cutter process here!  
     A typical Revival starts with our unique deep cleaning process that removes all foreign dirt and debris all the way down to the paints pores to allow us to properly evaluate its condition.  From there, we inspect the finish with various forms of high-powered lighting and magnifying lenses.  Paint thickness readings are taken at no less then 50 points to determine total paint film build which establishes a baseline for the corrective work.  Once armed with all our data we then devise a process involving color sanding and at least four polishing stages to attack trouble spots and reveal the paints inner beauty and natural shine.  
There is not a more thorough polish job, anywhere. 
     Pricing estimates to be determined after a multi-point inspection and consultation with the owner.  This package typically requires a one week stay at our secure, insured detailing studio.
Text Box: A note about our pricing…
Small vehicles are generally two seat cars and            sub-compacts.
Medium vehicles are generally small sedans & small crossover vehicles.
Large vehicles are generally SUV’s wagons & pick-up’s & large sedans.
X-Large vehicles are generally mini-vans & SUV’s with three rows of seats.
Text Box: Some examples of vehicle size:
Small - Mazda Miata, Audi TT, Toyota Yaris
Medium - VW Jetta, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry
Large - BMW 5 & 7 series, Chevy Tahoe, Jeep Cherokee
X-Large - Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sequoia
Text Box: For brand new vehicles
New car delivery
   Preservation is the first step to retaining value, give your new purchase a proper start!
Decontamination wash & clay bar treatment
Paint polishing to remove minor blemishes
Acrylic sealant applied to all paint, trim & wheels
Aquapel windshield treatment & glass sealant
Interior treated to protect against UV damage
Upholstery protected with 3M Scotchgard™ Protector
Sm...$180  Med...$220  Lrg...$260  X-Lrg…$300
Ask us about permanent paint protection.
Text Box: Routine Maintenance for new vehicles
Detail Wash
     Our most basic service, but also one of the more essential services for long term value retention.  Exclusively for our detail customers.
Gentle hand wash with polymer protection
Wheels, tires cleaned and dressed
Interior vacuum, wipe down & streak free glass

Sm...$40  Med...$50  Lrg...$60  X-Lrg…$70 

Maintenance Detail
     We cover all the bases, inside and out, to maintain a showroom quality condition.  In addition to our Express Detail listed above we add:
Removal of all tar, bug & road grime build-up
Door jamb cleaning
Application of Meguiar’s Professional Grade Sealant
Interior detailing of all cracks, crevices, buttons & vents
Upholstery, carpet, headliner & floor mat shampoo
Streak-free glass

Sm...$120  Med...$160  Lrg...$200  X-Lrg…$240 

A La Carte
Maintenance Interior Detail - To freshen up all  Interior surfaces.  For vehicles in good condition   needing a light cleaning.
 Sm...$80  Med...$100   Lrg...$120   X-Lrg…$160
Exterior Protection Pkg -  Not your daddy’s coat of wax on a Saturday afternoon!  We clean and protect all exterior surfaces, The Detail Shop way.  Ask us about the difference.
Sm...$60  Med...$80   Lrg...$100   X-Lrg…$120
Text Box: I should’ve done this a long time ago…
Don’t worry, we’ll get your vehicle looking like it should!
Interior Reconditioning
     We use the natural cleaning power of water, in the form of vapor steam to sanitize and clean with-out heavy chemical usage and hot water extraction to flush all the dirt and grime on every carpet and upholstery fiber leaving a healthy, like-new, dry interior.
     We finish every interior job with a Classic Hand Wash, door jamb cleaning and streak-free glass.
Sm...$120  Med...$160   Lrg...$200   X-Lrg…$240 

Exterior Detail
Gets paint clean down to it’s pores.  We perform our Detail Wash with decontamination and clay bar treatments to insure the paint is free from any potentially harmful debris.  Following the cleaning we gently polish the paint to restore gloss and protect every exterior surface with premium professional grade sealants.  
   If it’s been more then a year since your last waxing, this is for you.  Following this service only Maintenance services are needed.
Sm...$180  Med...$220  Lrg...$280  X-Lrg…$320 

Exterior Reconditioning
     We employ a multi-step polishing process using the safest and most up to date techniques to remove years of use and abuse from your paint’s finish.  Scratches, swirls, scuffs & dullness are thoroughly polished out resulting in a deep glossy shine that will look better then new.  After the paint is perfected we  protect it with several layers of acrylic protection.
     Includes a thorough cleaning & conditioning of the wheels, door jambs, metal and plastic trim.  Finished with an interior vacuum, wipe down and streak-free glass.
     Sm...$320  Med...$380  Lrg...$440  X-Lrg…$500