Frequently Asked Questions

What is Detailing?

Detailing is the application of the science behind preservation and restoration of all the many materials that vehicles are made of.

Interior Detailing consists of not only the usual vacuuming and wiping of interior surfaces but also the use of modern cleaning methods such as Vapor Steaming and Hot Water Extraction to ensure a sanitary interior free of dirt, grime, bacteria and mold with no sticky residues or chemical odors. A quality interior detail will leave behind nothing and take away from your interior all the dirt and grim from every surface, crack and crevice.

Exterior Detailing involves the use of chemicals specifically developed for automotive finishes to gently lift away dirt, tar and road grime from your vehicles paint, trim, wheels, tires, wheel wells and door jambs. Beyond cleaning and decontaminating exterior surfaces we perform routine wax jobs to maximize shine and preserve your vehicle for years to come. We can also recondition paint by polishing away years of scratches and scuffs to bring back a showroom new shine.

How long does it take?

For most detailing services we will need the vehicle for one business day. We ask to have the vehicle for the day to ensure that we have ample time to tackle any unforeseen issues that may arise during the detail. Detailing is labor intensive and we refuse to take short-cuts, which means you’ll get what you pay for plus a little more, every time. If you have a time constraint please mention it when you make your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What does it cost?

Since every vehicle is of a different size, color and state of need we custom tailor our services to best fit the needs of your vehicle, and provide the best bang for your buck. Please feel free to stop by so we may asses your vehicles condition and recommend a custom package that best fits your vehicles needs.

How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

Along with your vehicles manufacturer we recommend you have your vehicle washed and vacuumed every week or two and waxed with the change of seasons to best maintain a like new appearance. Interior Detailing & Scratch removal can be done whenever you see fit.